AH-MI/F Medium-intensity Type A Aviation Obstruction Light


Medium-intensity Type A Aviation Obstruction Light used in Tower Crane, Wind Turbine, High Mast, Metallurgies, Towers(Telecom, GSM, Electric), Smokestacks, High-rise Buildings and any other potentially hazardous obstructions between 105m and 150m to air traffic with a flashing white safety light.



1.Good impact protection strength, thermal stability, high transmittance.
2.Built-in circuit protect LED, extremely reliable and cost saving.
3.Shockproof and corrosion resistant. Working environment temperature-40℃ ~ +60℃.It can be used in very poor conditions. 
4.LED is special red color for Aviation Obstruction Light. Typical LED lifetime is more than 100,000 hours.

5.Resistant to heavy rain or storms and corrosion.
6.Free maintenance and aluminum alloy Material.

7.95% less power consumption than incandescent light.


Main Parameter

1.Mode: AH-MI/F
2.Standard: ICAO (Aerodromes Annex 14) Medium-intensity Type A and FAA L-865
3.Light intensity: 2,000cd ±25%(Night),20,000cd ±25%(Daytime)
4.Flash rate: Flashing mode(40-60times/minute)

5.Light source: LED
6.Service life of LED: ≥100,000hours
7.Operating voltage: AC220V (option voltage,eg. AC120V, AC110V, DC48V)
8.Power consumption:20W(Night), 60W(Daytime)
9.Overall size(mm): φ220 by 233
10.Installation size(mm): φ190 by M10

11.Vertical degree: 3°

12.Horizontal degree: 360°


-Housing: PC

-Base: die casting aluminum
15.Emitting color: White (other color can be customized)
16.Ambient temperature: -40~+60
17.Wind load: 80m/s

18.Protection standard: IP65