AH-MI/H Medium-intensity White & red LED Obstruction Light


This series of products can be used alone on the top of the High-rise Building, High Chimney, marking towers (Telecom, GSM, Microwave & TV), High Pole, Tower Crane, Wind Turbine, etc whose height is between 45m and 150m. When the building is higher than 150m, this series of products can be used high-intensity obstruction light to potentially hazardous obstructions to air traffic flashing safety light.



1.lightweight low wind built-in photocell and monitoring-no additional power supply
2.Integrated automatic flash synchronisation beam optical design 
3.high accuracy light beam optical design
4.High borosilicate glass material with good thermal stability, high transmittance.
5.Built-in circuit protect LED, extremely reliable and cost saving.
6.Shockproof and corrosion resistant. It can be used in very poor conditions. 
7.International-advanced cold LED with low power consumption, high brightness and service life of light source reaching 100000hours.
8.Resistant to heavy rain or storms.
9.Free maintenance and aluminum alloy Material.
10.Five year warranty
11.low power consumption and low cost of ownership.


Main Parameter

1.Mode: AH-MI/H
2.Light intensity: 2,000cd(Night) to 20,000cd(Daytime) 
3.Flash rate: 20times/minute(Night); 40times/minute(Daytime).
4.Light source: LED
5.Service life of LED:≥100,000hours
6.Operating voltage: AC220V (option voltage,eg.AC120V,AC110V,DC48V)
7.Power consumption: 60W
8.Overall size(mm): Φ236 by 285
9.Installation size(mm):Φ190 by 12
10.Vertical degree: 3°
11.Horizontal degree: 360°
-Housing: High borosilicate glass
-Base: die casting aluminum
13.Weight: 9Kg
14.Emitting color: Red (Night); White (Daytime).
15.Ambient temperature: -40℃~+60℃
16.Wind load: 80m/s
17. Protection Standard: IP67