AH-OC/E Controller for Anhang Aviation Obstruction Light


1.Controlling Low-intensity, Medium-intensity and High-intensity Aviation Obstruction Lights.

2.Strong corrosion-protection and impact-protection function.

3.SUS 304 Stainless Steel material.

4.Monitoring all lights work state.

5.Using LED indicator can display directly light working.

6.Having surge-protection function.

7.Having Auto & Manual function.


1.AH-OC/E controller has one photocell. This controller can let 24pcs Aviation Obstruction Lights work automatically by photocell.

2 AH-OC/E controller can let 24pcs Aviation Obstruction Light flash sequence synchronization (Flash at the same time).

3.AH-OC/E controller has Auto & Manual, Surge-protection and impact protection function.

4.This controller has fault alarm function and remote monitoring function. When one of 24 pcs Aviation Obstruction Lights has fault, controller will display alarm state by relevant LED indicator light on control unit and output alarm signal to control room by dry contact.


Main Parameter

1 Mode: AH-OC/E

2.Control capacity for Aviation Obstruction Lights: ≤24

3.Operating voltage: AC220V (Option other voltage, AC120V, DC48V, DC24V, etc)

4.Power consumption: 20W

5.Max load: 5KW

6.Overall size(mm): 400 by 300 by 172

7.Installation size(mm): 440 by 260 by ¢6

8.Enclosure material:SUS304 stainless steel(Option 316 material)

9.Working way: at night or all day

10.Weight: 7.5Kg

11.Application lights: Low-intensity Single and Double Aviation Obstruction Light, Medium-intensity Type B Aviation Obstruction Light, Medium-intensity Type A Aviation Obstruction light and High-intensity Type A Aviation Obstruction Light.

11.Ambient temperature: -55℃~+70℃

12.Wind load: 80m/s