AH-HP/F LED Surface Flood Light

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It can be widely used in helipad, broadcasting, television, microwave, cellphone station, wall light, garden light and road light, etc.


Main Parameter

1.Power supply: AC220V, 50/60 Hz(Option voltage,eg.AC120V,DC48V)
2.Power consumption: 30W/60W/90W
3.Luminous flux: 3600Lm/7200Lm/14500Lm
4.Switch way: Light will work when light is on power.
5. Signal mode: Steady-burning way
6. Connecting way: External way
7.Static power consumption: ≤0.5W
8.Ambient temperature: - 55℃~+70℃
9.Overall dimension(mm): 155×110×100(30W)/310×110×100(60W)/465×110×100(90W)
10. Installing dimension: 80mm/18*8.5
11.Protection standard: IP67
12. Weight: 0.81kg/1.96kg/3.1kg