AH-HP/W Wind Cone

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Wind cone is used in airport and helipad fields for indicating final approach and taking off wind direction.


Main Parameter

1.Height of wind cone:
2.Operating voltage:AC220V,50/60 Hz(Option voltage,eg.AC120V,DC48V)
3.Three kind of wind sock:
- 1.2 meters length, big diameter is 300mm,small one is 150mm (Height of Wind Cone is less than 4 meters)
- 2.4 meters length, big diameter is 600mm,small one is 300mm.(Height of Wind Cone is between 4meters and 6meters)
- 3.6 meters length, big diameter is 900mm, small one is 450mm.(Height of Wind Cone is more than 6meters)
Color: Red and white or orange and white or orange 
4.Max wind load :260km/h.