AH-HP/D Heliport Directional Arrow


Product Details Download: AH-HP/D Heliport Directional Arrow


The Heliport Directional Arrow Floodlight does double duty. Perimeter Light on top illuminates the directional arrow to emphasize the green lights for an accurate approach and is one of the string of green marker lights in the arrow. Floodlights on middle is used for illumination.


Main Parameter

1. Mode: AH-HP/D
2. Light intensity: ≥25cd( Perimeter Light on Top),≥1500Lm
3. Light source: LED
4. Service life of LED: 100, 000hours
5. Operating voltage: AC220V, 50/60 Hz
6. Emitting color: Green color (Perimeter Light on Top),White color(Flood Light on middle)
7. Power consumption: 10W
8. Overall size(mm): 245 by 180 by 385
9. Installation size(mm):93 by 93 by 12
10.Weight: 3.1kg