AH-HP/B Heliport Beacon


Product Details Download: AH-HP/B Heliport Beacon


According to ICAO requirement, every heliport field must have one heliport beacon. This product shall install on the heliport field or near it and most suitable installation is overhead position.


Main Parameter

1. Mode: AH-HP/B
2. Light intensity: 2500cd
3. Light source: Xenon lamp
4. Operating voltage: AC220V, 50/60 Hz(Option voltage)
5. Signal mode: Flashing mode, 4 times in 2 second.
6. Emitting color: White 
7. Power consumption:15W
8. Overall size(mm):φ158×410
9. Installation size(mm):φ100×12
10. Weight: 3kg
11. Protection standard: IP65