AH-LS/T Low-intensity Double Solar Powered Aviation OB Light


AH-LS/T Low-intensity Double Solar-Powered Aviation Light can be provided with power supply without power transmission cables by solar power, so it is suitable for those locations, Electric Tower, High-rise Building, High Chimney, marking towers (Telecom, GSM, Microwave & TV), High Pole, Tower Crane, Wind Turbine, etc especially which are hard to lay the cable or lack of power supply as well as those facilities which have high requirements on lightning protection.


1. PC material with good impact protection strength, thermal stability, high transmittance.
2. Bird spike against bird drop.
3. International advanced solar panel reaching at least 10 years service life.
4. Comprehensive protection in voltage short, over-voltage, floating Charge and temperature.
5. New technology application. Light can work at night automatically by solar panel which function is equal to photocell sensor.
6. International-advanced cold LED with low power consumption, high brightness and service life of light source reaching 100000hours.
7. Major Maintenance Cost Saving, Surge protection device inside light.
8. Strong corrosion resistance, Shock and Vibrations protection and UV protection.
9. At least 5 days autonomy.(optional 15days)
10. 3/4 inch installation way especially for tower or flag-pole installation way.


Main Parameter

2.Standard:ICAO (Aerodromes Annex 14) Low-intensity Type A or Type B,FAA L-810
3.Light intensity:≥10cd(Steady-burning);≥32.5cd(Flashing mode)
4.Working mode: Steady-burning mode or Flashing mode(20-60times/minute)
5.Light source:LED,100,000hours service life

6. Working way of two lights:

-Two light flashing by Main-standby way, two lights flashing at the same or two lights flashing 1.5 second interval. (Flash mode, three ways)

-Two light working by Main-standby way, two lights working at the same time. (Steady-burning way, two ways)

7. Operating voltage: DC 6.4V (Solar powered Way), recyclable batteries with the lightest environmental and long life.

8. Material:

-Housing: PC

-Base: SUS304 stainless steel

9.Autonomy(without sunlight):at least 5 days(Option 20days)
10.Power Consumption:3W
11.Overall Size(mm):330 by 158 by 340
12.Installation Size(mm): 3/4inch or 100 by 100 by 12
14.Emitting Color: Red
15.Ambient Temperature:-40℃~+60℃
16.Wind load:80m/s

17.Protection Standard:IP65